Customer Service

I can’t login to my account. What do i do?

If you registered an account either separately or while placing an order and you can’t login, you can first try our Forgotten Password tool. If you’ve purchased from us in the past using Guest Checkout you will not have an account to log in to, but if you’d like to have one now feel free to register and let us know. We will connect your past orders to your new account. Note: If you lose your email address and need to assign your account to a new email, we will need to go through some steps to verify your identity. If you are requesting a password reset or account changes, we will need to receive those requests from your account email address. We will respond and ask you to reply back to us to verify the request. We do this to protect you.

I have an issue with my product. What do I do?

Feel free to contact us via email or call us at (936)701-1003 and we will assist you.

I’m having a problem with the website

We have tested our cart on a wide variety of platforms and browsers, working to ensure compatibility, but different computers can include software that may create a problem. If a problem should arise, feel free to call us at (936)701-1003 or email Please let us know where the problem occurred, if you received any particular error messages, and what browser and operating system you are using. You can also order over the phone if you like. We will look into the problem and, if it can be replicated, we will fix it.

Order Process and Payments

Can I order offline?

Yes, you can. You can call us at (936)701-1003 to place an order over the phone. You can also email us to start an order and provide your phone number but please, never include credit card details over email. Just include the items you want, your name,address and phone number and we will call you for payment or, if you prefer, send you a PayPal invoice.

How do I use a coupon or gift voucher?

When you checkout, you will see options to include a promotional coupon code or a gift voucher. Select the one you need and a box will appear. Type your code into the box and save it and if it is valid it will be applied.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely. We use high-grade website encryption from Trustwave, a leading security provider. This ensures that your information is secure while it passes through the system. We do not store credit card numbers in our database. For phone orders, we use your credit card number to charge you order and then shred all personal financial information.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept most credit cards, including American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard, as well as PayPal. If placing an order over the phone or by mail, additional options like checks and money orders are available. In those cases, items will ship once the payment has cleared.

Product Questions

Are any filler or stabilizers used in any NaturesOzone products?

We never use any stabilizers or fillers of any kind. All of the ingredients used are certified organic.

Are the ingredients used organic?

All of the ingredients are certified organic unless clearly specified.

Do you do any testing on animals?

We do not test any products on any animals.

How are NaturesOzone oils made?

Our products are made through a process of ozonation. When ozone is infused through raw organic oil, it is captured and preserved causing the oil to become a gel or cream, making it easy to apply to the skin. It has no known side effects and is often used for a variety of skin conditions.

How are your oils packaged and stored?

All of our ozonated oils are packaged in glass and are stored frozen to ensure the highest quality product.

What is activated oxygen (ozone)?

Ozone is created naturally when oxygen comes in contact with the sun’s ultraviolet rays Ozone is so safe it is being used all over the world in operating rooms, the organic food industry, municipal water systems, swimming pools and with a variety of other applications. The beauty of ozone is that it creates pure water and a pathogen-free environment.

What is the shelf-life of your oils?

When kept refrigerated, our oil-based beauty products will last for as long as 10 years. If kept unrefrigerated and at room temperature, we recommend using your ozonated oils within one year.

Shipping Questions

How long does it take to receive a product?

When a product is in stock it typically takes 3-5 business days if shipped within the contiguous United States, unless faster shipping is requested and purchased. Shipping times to other countries can vary depending on various factors.

What are the rules for free shipping?

We provide free shipping on orders over $35 that ship to the contiguous United States. Free shipping does not apply to Alaska, Hawaii or with international orders.